How it all Started

In 2004, Sport England (who distribute Lottery money to English Sport) designated golf as one of the top 10 sports in the country and asked EGU, ELGA and PGA to produce a 'Whole Sport for Golf'' which covered all elements of the game - amateur, professional, men, ladies and juniors. This plan was produced and submitted for funding in February 2005. As a result, Sport England awarded golf £9million for the period 2005 - 2009.

This is administered by The England Golf Partnershipwhose members are EGU, ELGA, PGA with the support of the Golf Foundation and Sport England.

The plan itself consists of three main sections - 'Start', 'Stay' and 'Succeed'. The first two of these sections covers getting people into the game and then retaining them. 'Succeed', as its title implies, deals mainly with the elite end of the game at county and national levels.

In order to implement the 'Whole Sport Plan' at county level, a number of 'pilots' were initiated - BB&O, Northants and Surrey. Partnerships were formed within those three county unions and Development Plans produced and submitted to EGU/ELGA for funding. 

County Golf Partnerships (CGP) are an effective and structured way to support the development of golf within a county.  By the County Union and Association working closely together with other appropriate bodies, such as the PGA, at county level, knowledge, experience, best practice and resources can be combined and utilised.  In addition, a CGP will be in a better position to access external funding from local organisations.  The English Golf Union (EGU) and English Ladies Golf Association (ELGA) can provide support in facilitating the creation of a CGP and in the production and implementation of a county development plan.

Note: In January 2008 the English Ladies' Golf Association (ELGA) changed its name to the English Women's Golf Association (EWGA) and in 2012 The English Golf Union and EWGA merged into England Golf.

Aims and Objectives of CGPs

Within the county, to promote the game of golf and standard of play and to introduce more people to the game and into regular participation, regardless of age, gender and background. The aim will be achieved through the production, implementation and review of a development plan which will be delivered to the constituent bodies working in partnership with other agencies at both local and national level and as per the agreement conditions as defined by England Golf.

Benefits of a CGP

  • Sharing best practice, knowledge, experience and resources.
  • Identifying the development needs of golf within the county – priorities and intentions.
  • Approaching the development of golf within an effective and structured framework.
  • Supporting the needs of volunteers, coaches, administrators, clubs and golfers within the county.
  • Providing direction and motivation to those working at county and club level.
  • Providing a means by which progress can be measured, demonstrating leadership and forward thinking.
  • Providing comprehensive information, structure and intentions to those outside of the union/association.
  • Accessing England Golf and external funding for golf development.
  • Linking into a national development plan.
  • Ongoing support from England Golf Regional and County Development Officers.

The Gloucestershire Partnership is concerned - mainly - with the 'Start' and 'Stay' elements of the 'Whole Sport Plan'.

The Gloucestershire Golf Partnership was formed in June 2006 and works closely with the Regional Development Officer,  Sharon Heeley, and the County Development Officer,  Debbie Casling.

The Partnership has a Steering Committee made up of representatives of the partner organisations, as follows:

GGU        Ian Watkins and Mark Powell (Joint Chairman),  James Macpherson (Treasurer)

GLCGA   Janice Saunders (Girls Junior Organiser)

PGA        Justyn Branton (PGA Regional Coaching Development Officer SW & W England)

OTHER   Tom Sparks (Golf Roots SW Regional Development Officer), Peter Langford (Filton College), Matthew Ellis (Hartpury College), Jamie Casling (GCGP Administrator Assistant)

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