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Gloucestershire County Golf Partnership Meeting

Tuesday 11thMay – Minchinhampton New Golf Club – 7pm


Present:                                                           Apologies:

Debbie Casling (DC)                               Malcolm Lewis (ML)                                                      

 Ian Watkins (IW)                                        Mark Powell (MP)

 Jennifer May (JM)                                      Jamie Woodford (JW)

 Collin Pattinson (CP                                 Sarah Claridge (S)

                                                                      Richard King (RK)

                                                                       Justyn Branton (JB)

                                                                        Peter Langford (PL)

                                                                        James Latham (JL)


Minutes of the AGM heldTuesday 9th March 2010 having been previously circulated were agreed and signed by IW (in absence of ML) – Proposed by JM Seconded by CP

IW suggested that in future all reports should be submitted to Committee prior to meeting to cut down on time spent reading out.

Regional Development Officer – Jamie Woodford:  In his absence DC read his report -       BI-ANNUAL REVIEWS- All have been submitted by the deadline date and Richard will be providing specific feedback by the end of next week. Not too long after this point, as long as there are no huge problems, the first payments of 2010 will be forth coming. Please note that Sport England have indicated they maybe auditing CGP accounts in Oct in order to monitor that monies are being spent.  Indications are they will also be looking for our impact on the 16+ participation figs.  CP had had a conversation with Jamie with regards to this new initiative but indicated he would like further discussions.  IW commented that it would be a tough group because of their commitments.

FUTURE JOBS FUND- documents had been circulated to Steering Group by DC.  After discussion it was unanimous to wait and see what happens in Sussex and that it was possibly not for Gloucestershire.

County Development Officer – Debbie Casling: 

We have put in our application for EWGA Coaching Grant which has been sanctioned and funds expected in the next 2 weeks.  DC to send IW copy of application.

Other documents completed are CSP Engagement documents which shows contact details for the CSP

Clubs applying for Golfmark Accreditation have increased and the figures are 11 Golfmarked – 15working towards – 1 Rangemark and 1 working towards.

Our Para Projects have increased this year to 7 projects involving Tri-Golf and Golf Extreme.  These are being held at Bettridge and Belmont Schools in the North and Culverhill and Brimsham Green in the South.  Our ultimate aim with these this year is for groups to move on into the local clubs.

We recently attended an Inclusion Extravaganza at Leisure@ in Cheltenham and are planning to hold a SEN Tri-Golf Festival in the North which will be pilot using young leaders from Chosen Hill School as organizers and The Partnership working with Tewkesbury and Gloucester SSP.  Possible venues: Star Centre and Cheltenham Race Course.

We have supported the Gloucestershire Schools and Avon Schools Championships and are also supporting a new Stableford Golf Competition open to Secondary Schools in Bristol (a more relaxed competition to the Avon Schools Champs).

Planning is taking place for the 2nd Annual Cheltenham Race Course Challenge – Thursday 20th May 4pm start and this year we have Stuart Little, Peter McEvoy and Kirstie Taylor starting off proceedings.

IW and DC were meeting with Edward Gillespie on Friday 14th May to confirm details.

Coming up for June: - SW Schools Championships – Pied Piper Highnam Court Motor Show – Festival of Sporting Ability at Coombe Dingle – Generation Games at Stratford Park – Tewkesbury Primary Schools Tri-Golf Festival.  DC to e-mail JM/CP all dates.

National Skills Challenge – it was disappointing to see only 1 club had entered their scores for the first challenge especially as The Partnership were looking to organize a County Challenge and invite top players from participating clubs.  An e-mail had been sent to all those who are registered to gain feedback.  IW suggested that perhaps we could nominate a club with County Academy Status and give them some rewards and recognition with a view to them being a main Skills Academy.

Women’s update – Jennifer May:  

The Spring Beginner Ladies’ Away Day was held on April 16th

The venue was the same – Ullenwood Manor GC at the National Star College. The format was the same – Texas Scramble over 9-holes with lunch at neighbouring Cotswold Hills Golf Club.     BUT ….. this year there was one change…. three rather brave men joined us!

The suggestion came at our mixed taster sessions in January.  The guys heard the girls discussing their forthcoming Away Day – and plaintively asked if there was a similar event for them.  So they were duly invited to join the ladies and three, who could manage the weekday date, accepted.

Their verdict was a most decisive ‘thumbs up’, despite the fact that they were told that they could not win. They did, however, have a special ‘prize’ in that their mentor was professional Kirsty Taylor, Ladies’ European Tour player currently attached to Minchinhampton (New) Course.  And yes …. they did outscore the ladies, finishing with a fine 32!

There were 43 players in all, 24 in the morning competition and 19 for the afternoon.  Each team had an experienced golfer walking with them to show them how to play a Texas Scramble, and add just a few tips on rules and etiquette.  Morning and afternoon groups joined up for lunch, making quite a party at Cotswold Hills GC.

Many thanks to Ullenwood and Cotswold Hills for their continued support for our Away Days – there will be another in the Autumn!

And special thanks to all the leaders, who included GLCGA Chairman Pat Righton and June Davies and Val Wills, Cotswold Hills Ladies’ Section President and Captain respectively.

The follow-up lessons with both Mike Smedley and James Latham have now been completed.  These are the lessons for which the ladies pay, although the Partnership organises them. I am pleased to report that in both the south and the north of the county, these beginners have been happily arranging to meet up regularly and play the par 3 courses at Thornbury and Brickhampton. Another group – the ladies from the mixed sessions at Hambrook – were last seen arranging to play together at Westonbirt.

All of which is great ….. although, without trying to dampen their enthusiasm, my next step is to get someone to walk with them to point out such niceties as avoiding slow play and letting other players through. And, gently, to persuade them to join a club!

Website update – Jennifer May

Colin and I attended the new website workshop at The Kendleshire yesterday. They were experiencing a few ‘teething’ problems, so -- to some extent – it was a bit of a struggle. However, I am sure we will get there in the end. I am still a little wary of our losing our individuality, but we will do everything we can to keep some our own distinctiveness.

I see no reason why we shouldn’t be up and running with the first batch of partnerships in June.

Junior Academy Update – Peter Langford:  Read by DC in his absence      In summary, as well as forming 6 groups this time (48 players), the quality has improved although we had less attendees.  Statistically, from the 78 attendees in April, 50% scored more than 70 points on the challenges (max 118pts), compared to 20% of the original 120 attendees for the first selection day.  As a benchmark, a score of 95+ points would roughly indicate the player is close to county standard, and a couple of youngsters achieved this. We are working towards encouraging more youngsters who are just below county standard, to be part of the programme, although there is some resistance from junior organisers and club Pros.

22 from the winter academy have regained their place on the programme.

 There was a reduction in the number of girls who took part in the selection days with only 2 being selected - possibly due to other programmes clashing with the academy and maybe with better communication we can increase the opportunities to the girls.

Following an Academy Feedback meeting with Academy Professionals and Level 1 Volunteers  better communication is planned for the Summer Programme with more liaising with the home coaches.
The summer programme will be based around course playing using 9-hole courses together with Nutrition and Fitness. 

IW wondered whether it would be good to write to clubs asking them if they would offer a free place to a Junior Academy member who is not attached to a Club.

Coach Development Update – Peter Langford:  Read by DC in absence 

We're running every 2 months, most of the sessions have been recommended by the PGA.  The only issues I see are getting more Pros engaged and therefore making some money from the programme.  At present I estimate that we are barely breaking even on the events we have run, or even making a small loss.  Some of this anticipated profit was due to prop up the Junior Academy, but we may have to rethink the finances.

We have saved some money on the Junior Academy - summer 2010 -by only having 6 groups and not 7, but with the planned competition later in the summer this initial saving will be swallowed up.

 Hopefully, the coach education side will build with more Pros getting involved and word of mouth, but I think we need a review in the autumn to plan how best to get more Pros attending and fulfil their needs. 

IW proposed he get in touch with Nicky Lumb to discuss how we can engage more Pros

 Future courses:

3rd June SSB - Schools / club links

5th Aug - TBC - looking at Psychology (based on Glos pro feedback)

end Sep - Ramsay Mc Masters - Physical development in elite golfers

Treasurer’s Report – Ian Watkins: 

IW presented the accounts to the meeting.

CP asked what would be his budget when organizing any initiatives – JM responded around £200 per 4 x 1hr sessions.

DC to organize changing expense claim forms for Academy Professions to read Academy.

IW confirmed that the Men’s Union had ring fenced their levies to CGP at 80p for 2010.

DC handed IW £20 taken in club hire.

Golf Roots update – Steve Scott-Bowen: No Report Received.

PGA Report – Justyn Branton:  No Report Received.

Any Other Business:

1) Race Course Challenge – Thursday 4th May – 4pm

IW reported that all the cards were ready and that there were only 6 spaces left for entries.

IW to provide enough Rules for all players and collate flags and tee markers.

IW and DC were meeting with Edwards Gillespie on Friday 14th to finalise details

DC had spoken with Paul Hemming at SFG with regards to sponsorship and would contact to confirm all details the next day.  Suggestions to be made to SFG – vouchers for clothing with recipient paying for their own postage and packing – Goody bags – and suggest to them that they might like to set up a stall to sell their goods.

JM had sent all the posters to clubs and all beginner ladies had been given them to display in the community.  She would confirm details with the Gloucestershire Echo.  Active Gloucestershire had published details in their newsletter.  BBC had already mentioned and would do so again.


2) JM asked the Committee to take into consideration the mileage allowance – currently at 25p per mile.  After discussion it was the opinion of the meeting to raise to 30p as from May and this was carried.  DC to sent CP an expense claim form to use.


3) DC asked if we should not be raising the amount asked of Volunteers to support their Level 1 applications – currently £50 to £100 as some of the SW CGP’s were already doing so.  After discussion on this it was agreed that if the Partnership put someone forward then it should be £50 and all others £100 contribution.

The meeting was also disappointed with the PGA and that as we have enough applicants to run our own PGA Level 1 course they would not offer us a discount of some sort.  IW to speak to Nicky Lumb about this.



Date of Next Meeting:   Tuesday 13th July – 7pm – Provisionally Brickhampton Golf Club












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