Partnership Agreement



The Gloucestershire County Golf Partnership (GCGP) Agreement

It is clearly important that all bodies involved within a County Golf Partnership understand what is expected of them and what is expected of England Golf.

Framework within which The Regional and County Development Officers will operate

·         Investigate current provision for boys & girls’ / men & women’s golf within the county.

·         Investigate the local infrastructure, in particular for junior golf (facilities, club provision, etc).

·         Consult with agencies concerned with sport and young people both within and outside of golf (e.g. specialist sports colleges, Golf Foundation, local authority, RSBs & CSPs).

·         Construct a thorough picture of opportunities, provision and facilities within the county.

·         Support the creation of a CGP.

·         To drive forward the CGP in its early stages, gaining support from and regularly communicating with all those involved – this may mean co-ordinating meetings, taking minutes, feeding back to CU/A executives, producing reports, running workshops etc.

·         Assist with the production of a county development plan to encompass issues of recruitment, retention, established players, administration, communication, resources, management and finance (Regional/County Development Officer may co-ordinate production).

·         Equip county personnel (union & association) to implement the plan.

·         Assist with the early stages of implementation of the plan.

·         Conduct pilot projects when and where appropriate.

County Golf Partnership (the union, association & PGA) agree to

·         A commitment to develop the game within the county at grass roots level (junior & adult).

·         A commitment to work with England Golf on development and ongoing communication with appropriate RDO.

·         Provide the RDO with relevant information concerning the operation of golf development within the union & association, including previous and current financial provision.

·         The establishment of a golf partnership (ideally union, association and PGA) with terms of reference to be agreed by all partners. 

·         Assist the RDO in the development and implementation of a CGP plan (arranging seminars & workshops etc).

·         Provide support from the CU/A executive committees and junior committees (if they exist) for the development and implementation of the plan, including instigating changes in operation as necessary.

·         To communicate with CU/A executives and appropriate RDO to keep them up-to date with regard to the CGP.

·         To nominate and appoint a lead person as a primary point of contact

·         To support and promote current England Golf national initiatives 

·         To establish and operate best practice procedures for Child Protection, equality & inclusion.

·         To support the production and implementation of a development plan with a clear timeline of actions.

·         If the partnership feels it is appropriate to appoint a county development officer, a job description should be produced and approved [The lead person will work alongside the RDO to produce the plan].

·         Longer-term to ensure implementation of the CGP is driven forward and sourcing funding continues to be a priority.

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