Terms of reference

The GCGP Terms of Reference

  • Gloucestershire Golf Union
  • Gloucestershire Ladies' County Golf Association
  • Gloucestershire Professional Golfers Association 

1. Structure

A steering committee consisting of appointed delegates from –

  • Gloucestershire Golf Union (3 in number)
  • Gloucestershire Ladies' County Golf Association (1 in number)
  • Gloucestershire Professional Golfers Association (1 in number)

Plus (in a non-voting advisory/consultancy role) –

  • An England Golf Regional and/or County development officer
  • A school representative
  • The Golf Foundation

A chairperson to be appointed from one of the partnership bodies (who will have a casting vote in any poll).  The chairperson will have a term of office of 2 years with an election to take place at an annual AGM.

2. Aim

Within Gloucestershire, to promote the game of golf and standard of play and to introduce more people to the game and into regular participation, regardless of age, gender and background.  The aims of the partnership will be achieved through the production, implementation and review of a development plan which will delivered to the constituent bodies working in partnership with other agencies at both local and national level, as per the agreement conditions defined by England Golf.

This will involve a dialogue with England Golf (EG) and Professional Golfers Association (PGA).

3. Funding

The Partnership will receive funding through contributions from the County Union and Association and will apply for any grants available to them through England Golf and Sport England.  Funding will be held by Gloucestershire in  a ring-fenced account and administered and accounted for by the Gloucestershire Partnership.

4. Objects

The objects of the partnership will encompass the following –

  1. To introduce more people to golf regardless of age, gender or background
  2. To provide opportunities for people to sustain their involvement and regularly participate in golf
  3. To make it easier for people to join a golf club by improving accessibility and affordability
  4. To increase the number of members of affiliated golf clubs within the Gloucestershire area.
  5. To educate people on the rules and etiquette of the game
  6. To undertake the training and support of volunteers
  7. To establish a repository of standards and good practice
  8. To support the development of golfing talent by working with the appropriate bodie

5. Meetings

Meetings will be held at appropriate times to discuss the business of the partnership and minutes taken.  An annual meeting will be held in January each year to elect officers.

6. Agreement

We agree to appoint representatives to the Gloucestershire County Golf Partnership and to support activities as outlined above.


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