Gloucestershire County Golf Partnership Meeting

Monday 1st June – Brickhampton Court Golf Club – 6.30pm


Present:                                                       Apologies:

Jamie Woodford (JW)                                Neil Jones (NJ)

Jenny May (JM)                                           Mark Powell (MP)                                    

Richard King (RK)                                        Linda Carruthers (LC)

Ian Watkins (IW)                                         Peter Langford (PL)

Debbie Casling (DC)                                    James Latham (JL)

Steve Scott-Bowen (SSB)

Justyn Branton (JB)


Before the meeting started a Reflection of Don Harmer, who died recently, was held by the Committee.  He was a stalwart of the Gloucestershire Golf world and did a lot of work behind the scenes and always had a presence at events, his last one we believe to be the Beginner Ladies Away Day at Ullenwood the Friday before he sadly passed away.  He will be greatly missed by all and The Partnership will find him very difficult to replace.


Minutes of the Meeting: held Wednesday 8th April having been previously circulated where agreed and signed by JW in the absence of MP.


Matters Arisingnone.


Vacancy of ChairmanMark Powell has taken up the position as ‘Acting Chairman’ as The Partnership needs to keep the good work they are doing going.  A suggestion was made that someone could be sort South of the County which would give a good contact spread.  The Committee decided that as they have an ‘Acting Chairman’ in place it would give them time to have a serious think about replacement ready for the next meeting.  Maybe someone would come forward or they would advertise the vacancy.


Regional Development Officer – Jamie Woodford

No information was forthcoming from the EGP as to future funding which The Committee found very frustrating.  Only 10 clubs had signed up to the Coaching Grant (2 for £800).  This was slightly worrying but maybe the figures would change as the programmes took place.


County Development Officer – Debbie Casling



Event was held Thursday 21st May with 27 Champions and 3 representatives from the racing world and over 200 spectators.  The challenge was met with enthusiasm and laughter with only 1 competitior managing to strike the banner off the first tee and I topping their ball over the edge.  News coverage of the event was very good thanks to Jen and her contacts with more items coming soon from Cotswold Life, Fairway to Green, Lady Golfer etc.

Well done also to Steve and Justyn for the Tri-Golf and Golf Extreme – very well supported.

Planning for next year’s event is in the diary for November to give us a little more time to get prepared.


This project starts Tuesday 2nd June and will run for 5 weeks – Our thanks go to Pied Piper for their support in purchasing all the equipment to deliver this project.  Their sponsorship has been printed on our boards and will be displayed at all the events.  DC recently attended a Pied Piper Event and thanked all the Trustees.

Paternoster School (a SEN School in Cirencester) have purchased their own equipment and I have linked them up with a local Pro to deliver for them and this starts on Thursday 4th.

(This then prompted a discussion on Insurance which will be minuted in AOB)

Our next step will be to link up National Star College and William Morris House in Stroud this will be a Young Adults Programme using the Golf Extreme equipment to start with and then progressing.


We have been asked to support a few events during the year and I have sent an availability list out to all our volunteer level 1’s and I am pleased to say that the response has been very good from the golfing world but I am disappointed with the teachers!

2 of our volunteers who missed the course in February due to circumstances beyond their control have now been place on a course which is due to take place 4/5th July.


These have been arranged for 28th June and 16th August with help coming from the Golf Foundation and again our volunteers.  It was hoped that we could secure the inflatables for these events but have only managed to secure 1 for August and 1 for October although not sure about the power source – may need to lift a generator from somewhere.  A suggestion was made as to the purchase of an inflatable.  With the cost being around £1,500 mark perhaps we could find a sponsor for one.  Maybe we could ask local companies to put in £50 each and then pick a name out of the hat and have their logo printed onto the inflatable.  JW & DC to investigate whilst The Committee where asked to suggest companies to DC by the end of June.  RK would ask Hartpury if they would like to sponsor an inflatable themselves.


We now have 6 accredited clubs with 14 working towards and one or two very close to completion.

A visit has been made to Hambrook Range and Nicky is very well organized and is expected to complete quite quickly which will be the first stand alone range in the SW.


I would just like to say a big thank you to Jen for putting up with my requests.  A newsletter update is now on the Website along with many new items.


Women’s Update – Jen May

Our Beginners’ Away Day on April 21st at the Ullenwood Star Centre course was successful and great fun, only marred with hindsight, in that it turned out to be Don’s last event with us. I guess it is good to remember how much he enjoyed the day … I shall remember the story told me of how he longed to show some of the beginners how to get out of bunkers, and finally could resist no more … he jumped into the bunker saying ‘Whatever you do, don’t tell Jen … she’s very strict you know!’


Anyway, the sun shone, and 60 ladies entered. Cotswold Hills as ever produced a fine lunch for all, including helpers who pitched up from various clubs. It was pleasing to receive ‘thank you’ messages from everyone …. And I mean everyone! The day was self financing – in fact we had about £3.50 to carry forward!


I have since heard that several of those who had joined taster sessions provided by individual clubs, and then came to our Away Day, enjoyed themselves so much … that they have now firmed up on club membership.


Most of our own taster ladies have since had follow-up lessons with James and Mike, both of whom I thank very much for their support, hard work …. and sense of fun. From all reports the lessons went well. I have emailed the ladies to see how they are progressing.  Some are playing regularly at Thornbury’s par 3 course, and others I know were very keen to return to The Star Centre par 3. Next step will be directing them to a club which will suit them.


Incidentally … these beginners were extremely helpful in distributing Racecourse Challenge posters in their local area ….. and a couple turned up to watch on the day!


Website Update – Jen May

I am still doing a bit of catching up with corrections etc ….. but it seems to be OK. I haven’t crashed it, or the County website, since we last met.


Club and Coach Progress – Justyn Branton in absence of Mark Powell


- To identify and coach promising 9-15 year olds not currently receiving county coaching
Progress so far
- Gloucestershire awarded £16K for Club and Coach setup (£8k year 1, then £4k in year 2 and 3)
- Professional Seminar in January attended by in excess of 25 professionals
- CVs received for vacancy of "Gloucestershire County Junior Academy Head Coach" &
"Gloucestershire County Junior Academy Coach"
- Interviewed four candidates (Jonathon Skuse, Peter Langford, Kelvin Aitken and Paul Gravell"
- Gloucestershire awarded a further £15k over four years (£6k year 1, £4k year 2 and 3, £1k year 4) for Coach Development Programme, which will be wrapped into Club and Coach.
- Appointed Peter Langford as "Gloucestershire County Junior Academy Director" and Jonathon Skuse as "Gloucestershire County Junior Academy Head Coach".  The additional funds from the Coach Development Programme will help pay for the two positions.
- Peter and Jonathon have been working during May on proposal for scheme, working with Justyn, reviewing MyGolf course materials etc.
Next Steps
- Early June (Thursday 4th June) meeting between Jonathon, Pete, Justyn and Mark to review and refine proposal
- Will plan final review and agreement meetings with county coaches and original Club and Coach Steering Committee by end of June to finalise plan - dates to be setup after 4th June meeting.
- Select locations for selection events & coaching events - Have already approached a few potential venues
- Finalise plan and communication materials - Justyn has provided many templates already.
- Select "Coaches" - Peter and Jonathon reviewing CVs
- Work with Debbie to schedule first Coach education meeting which we plan to include Equity in Coaching CPD course as well as get together for all county coaches.  Plan would be to hold these sort of meetings every two months.
- Mark / Justyn to finalise 2008/09 KPI returns and secure full 2009/10 funding from England Golf for Club and Coach and Coach Development Programme.
- Mark in discussions with a major golf equipment supplier regarding potential sponsorship
I know some feel it has gone quiet but is very important that Jonathon and Pete were given time to be educated, review best practice with Justyn and look at the MyGolf materials and develop their own plan (which they will own) before we start this scheme in a rushed half cocked way.  This is a very critical plan for the future of golf in Gloucestershire and as such needs to be done correctly.


JB circulated document ‘Developing Coach Development Strategies for CGP’s’ to the meeting.

JB to send DC On-Line Monkey Survey for Professionals to complete in order that we can find out what educational programmes are required for Gloucestershire Professionals.


Treasurer’s Report – Ian Watkins

Accounts to date where circulated to the meeting.


Golf Foundation Report – Steve Scott-Bowen

PESSYP - South Gloucestershire working with Caroline Bungay and linking in with Kendleshire, Hambrook Driving Range and The Bristol. 

Funding available for a Community Coach but must be at least Level 2.

Golf Roots programme had some money left over so King Edmund SSP and a local authority break-through project have been awarded £1,000 each. 

Festival of Youth Sport is being held at the Yate Outdoor Sports Complex on 20th June, and forms part of the golf roots legacy. 

Bristol’s St Beeds SSP have been awarded £1,500 to focus on developing girls at Colston Girls School as part of Golf Roots, Bristol. 

Community Link Projects set up so far with Tewkesbury Park, Brickhampton Court, Lilley Brook and The Kendleshire.     

YMG are now bankrupt.

Once projects are complete in South Gloucestershire will then move onto Cotswolds, Stroud and The Forest of Dean.


PGA ReportNo report given



JM – Brought to the attention of the Committee that DC’s contract would expire at the end of June.  DC asked if she could add to her hours as the workload was too much for just 21 hours a week.  JW reported to the Committee that in future funding there would be monies for Personnel and also for Programmes but what the breakdown would be was yet to be decided.  DC was asked if she would be happy to re-new her contract and her hours looked at when the new funding was available.  DC accepted.  JW to put together new contract with appropriate clauses.


RK -  reported that the Gloucestershire Schools Golf Championship had been held at Puckrup Hall Golf Club and all had gone well.  There was a question about the CSS and IW and RK would get together on this.


DC – a suggestion had been made as to a Partnership Newsletter to direct to clubs as well as on the Website.  It was agreed a good idea and a quarterly newsletter would be put together.

An e-mail had been received from Minchinhampton New as to ‘funds available for a trophy in support of an event for golfers with disabilities’.  DC to talk to Richard Greenwell at National Star Centre, Anne Anderson at Disability in Sport at Active Gloucestershire and also ask the donor for input.

Gloucestershire Community Foundation had contacted DC with a view to working with The Partnership on occasions such as Open Days.  They are another source of funding for projects.  Ideas please.

North Cotswold Rotary with Cotswold District Council have a Multi-Sports Day at Bourton on the Water each year – next event 25th April 2010.  DC to make enquiries as to involving The Partnership.

DC had been in touch with Thornbury Community Sports Association and Patchway Community Sports Association to enquire as to their golf projects.  Awaiting response.


JW -  Reminded everyone of the National Skills Challenge Regional Pilot at The Kendleshire on 27th July – he has asked all the CDO’s in SW to bring along at least 2 volunteer helpers.




Monday 3rd August 2009 – Brickhampton Court Golf Club – 6.30pm


 Gloucestershire County Golf Partnership Meeting

Monday 3rd August - Filton Golf Club – 6.30pm


Present:                                                       Apologies:

Jamie Woodford (JW)                               

Jenny May (JM)                                           Richard King (RK)                                    

Ian Watkins (IW)                                         Justyn Branton (JB)

Debbie Casling (DC)                                    James Latham (JL)

Steve Scott-Bowen (SSB)                           Sarah Claridge (SC)

Mark Powell (MP)                                       Glenn Ross (GR)

Peter Langford (PL)


Minutes of the Meeting: held Monday 1st June having been previously circulated where agreed and signed by MP.


Matters Arising: 

Vacancy of Chairman: Enquiries are still being made.

RDO Report: Monies are forthcoming.

Inflatable’s:  Enquiries had been made to Provision Golf and costs where around £1800.  Pictures of them where circulated and JM thought she may have a contact who could possibly make one.  RK had contacted DC and said that Hartpury would be willing to sponsor £100 towards one.


Adoption of Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy:

The Policy having been previously circulated to the Steering Group was adopted by the Committee and was proposed that it be added to the Constitution at the AGM (date to be confirmed).


Regional Development Officer – Jamie Woodford:

As of July 2010 anyone working with children would need to be registered with the ISA (Independent Safeguarding Authority)

Financially all the SW Counties would receive £11,500 each for the next 4 years (not including the Club & Coach or Coach Development Funding) and the new targets would be :

Grow – increase participation to 74,600 by 2013; Excel – Increase Talent Pool; 5% increase in Satisfaction levels to be carried out by KKP.  All Partnerships would be receiving new award agreements in the near future.

National Skills Regional Pilot was a complete success with 20 children attending from the SW.  Thanks go to volunteers and also Patti and Terry Cox for the wonderful photos.

There is a Small Grant Scheme available from Sport England for all Golfmark Clubs to access if required.


County Development Officer – Debbie Casling:

PARA GOLF:  The delivery of Tri-Golf to Bettridge School in Cheltenham for 5 weeks during June was a terrific experience for all.  Everyone enjoyed the sessions and took part.  We have been asked if we would return next year – funding allowing (confirmation was given by JW that this would be available).  I would like to record a personal thanks to Richard Harber,  Jen May, Linda Carruthers and Shiela Lawson for all their help with this project.   Following these sessions 10 students with staff attended a Golf Extreme session at Brickhampton Court with Bruce Wilson and myself where we had students on the Glevum Course and in real bunkers! Followed by a picnic in the woods.

Paternoster School have been very pleased with Tom Motley and Gareth for their delivery of Tri-Golf at the school and have asked for follow-up sessions.

At the beginning of the new school year I will be in touch with Heart of the Forest School in Forest of Dean and also National Star College and Williams Morris House in Stroud.



On 11th June I attended a Club Services Training Day at Woodhall Spa where we had information on all that they have to offer – it turned out very useful day as at a Council Meeting held later in the month I was able to give information on the spot about Club Systems.



60 Tewkesbury and surrounding area primary school children took part in Tri-Golf skills Festival at Sherdons Driving Range.  It was very well organized and supported.



As a thank you for purchasing all our equipment for delivery to SEN Schools I volunteered to do a Tri-Golf session at their Teddy Bear’s Picnic with the help of Dave Owen and Hilary Swan – it was a great day with a lot of children taking part.  We had a number of enquiries for future golf instruction and have passed on their details to relevant clubs for them to get in contact.



Sunday 28th June – my thanks to Steve, Olive French, Lorna Sparkes for all their help at the event.  It was quite hard to get the attention of the public and convince them that it was free although we did have a steady stream of participants and have made notes for the next one.  In August we will have an inflatable and a power source is readily available we will also have music and a tanoy system to attract customers. 



I attended this conference on behalf of SSB and with the help of Alan Beard PDM Tewkesbury delivered Tri-Golf and Golf Extreme to a load of teachers and celebrities! It was a very successful session although baking hot on the astro turf – I picked up a couple of contacts one being from Sandford School a school for students with behavior problems and have since been to meet them.  They want to build a short course within their grounds and I have put them in touch with a couple of funding sources and will also ask clubs if they have any second-hand good equipment they could use.  My second contact was from a Referral Unit in Cheltenham who would like to introduce golf into their system – a meeting is scheduled for August.



I am in regular contact with Anne Anderson Disability in Sport Co-Ordinator for Gloucestershire and attended a Sports Providers Meeting to put together a calendar of events for children with disabilities.  I would like to organise a tri-golf festival similar to that of Primary and Secondary Schools one that is held at Sherdons but for schools with special needs and perhaps hold on the same day prior to the mainstream school event.  This will of course require more planning and a delicate meeting with Richard but am confident.



Monday 27th July – attended by 20 youngsters mainly from Devon and Somerset! – it was a great day and the weather held for us.  The challenges were quite daunting especially for the little ones who could only just see over the top of the bunkers!  My thanks go to Lorna Sparkes for her help and also Patti and Terry Cox from Cotswold Hills who came along and took all the fantastic photos.



Tuesday 28th July – This was the first workshop organized as part of our Coach Development Programme and was attended by 11 candidates – it certainly was the most liveliest workshop I have been on for a while – as it was mostly Pros the banter was very entertaining.  Good positive feedback was received for more workshops and gatherings.  A Coach Development questionnaire has since gone out to all Gloucestershire Professionals.



I am pleased to report Brickhampton Court are now Golfmark Accredited with Stinchcombe, Cotswold Edge and Thornbury hot on their heels.  Hambrook Range is also close to completion.



I have been in touch with Provision Golf in Isle of Wight who supply these and have been quoted £1800 for a new one and they do have a second-hand one for £1200.  I have asked RK if Hartpury are going to sponsor and am waiting for an answer and have an appointment with Pied Piper to ask if they would like to sponsor one.



No Limits Multi Sports Club Summer School – 7th and 21st August

City Day – Sunday 17th August

Secondary School Tri-Golf Festival – 17th September

Thornbury Festival of Sport – 19th September

SEN Youth Games – 23rd September


Women’s Update – Jen May

I have heard from some of the ladies who came to the winter taster sessions – these two letters are an indication of how things are going for them.

‘The golf is going well having been round 9 holes at Sherdons three times with different people.  I have had a few more lessons with Jo the Pro and I feel really happy with my golf.  I have met up with a few of the girls I met on the course and have played Ullenwood with them.’

‘I have invested in second hand clubs and new shoes! At the moment I am just seeing how I improve around 9 holes at Sherdons.  Before starting golf my husband and I booked into Oakhampton for a few days with Sherdons Golf Club members.  Originally I was just going along for the holiday but now I might play the odd game of golf.’

‘I was really pleased with the starter lessons and back up from you and look forward to many years of enjoyable golf.’

‘The golf is going really well, I am playing most weekends and enjoying it tremendously, even when its raining!  I am hoping to keep going through the autumn and winter then maybe look at the possibility of joining a club next year if its still fun.’


I am planning another Beginners’ Away Day in October – probably October 16th, same format and same venue as previously. Cotswold Hills has already agreed to do the lunch, but I have yet to hear from Ullenwood.


Website Update – Jen May

A few problems at the moment with publishing files which can then be downloaded. The format of Streamline has been changed, making this at the moment a bit of a mystery. However Linda is finding out more and between us we hope to have it sorted within a few days.


Club & Coach Progress – Mark Powell & Peter Langford

The monies had not yet arrived for this year’s Club & Coach nor the Coach Development Funding and JB was chasing.

As part of the Coach Development Programme an Equity in your Coaching Course was held recently (see DC Report) and SC was in the process of putting together another course.

DC had sent out a questionnaire to all Gloucestershire Pros and their Assistants to see what they would like and if they could deliver something to the rest.  Results awaiting.

MP would be sending out letters to Sherdons, The Kendleshire, Hambrook, The Bristol and Thornbury for use of their facilities for delivery.

PL spoke about the delivery schedule and this would be letters out to clubs and schools at the beginning of September with commencement of the programme towards the end of September for 6 months (exc. December and January months)

There would be 2 or 3 selection days and he was liaising with SC and LC with regards skills tests for ability.


Treasurer’s Report – Ian Watkins

Accounts had been previously circulated to the Committee.  IW confirmed that the GGU and Ladies Levies had been received.


Golf Foundation Report – Steve Scott-Bowen

Lilleybrook GC- Have funded them £200 this year, they requested £500 for the Pro to sit in his club with no outreach and supplement his wages to £50 /hour.  

I will keep the CGP in touch with the strategies in place from the EGP coach education steering group formed to discuss ways to attract the nomadic golfers and formulate the “Right Coach, Right place, right time” model. 

I have met with South Gloucestershire Leisure centres and have secured golf to be piloted and delivered in all leisure centres using tri-golf, golf Xtreme and adult classes, feeding in to Warmley Pitch & putt to promote the course, then continuing the sustainability into The Bristol GC, Thornbury GC, and The Kendleshire GC.

Debs and I to meet the link  golfmark clubs to ask them who they wish to target and ask them for a discount (buy-in) to the “active card” in return for a promotion to the 24,000 people database.

I thanked Debs again for standing in for me with Alan Beard and the SSP conference.

I asked the CGP to write a letter of support for The Kendleshire’s planning application (This had already been done)

The Golf Foundation has created a schools golf club resource, showing schools how a golf club works and includes generic competition formats, committee, media and course design etc...

I am working with Richard Simpson PDM of the Cotswolds SSP in September and am putting in place a sound sustainable golf structure feeding into: Chipping Camden GC, Broadway GC, Naunton Downs GC, South Cerney GC, Cirencester GC, Minch GC.


PGA Report – No report given



SSB –  Asked if our County elite boys are willing to be young ambassadors for golf and go into school assemblies and talk about their journey in golf and what golf has done for them...


Flagged up that we have to educate golf facilities and future employers of Golf Professionals to be more stringent in the employment process to ensure that pros are suitably educated and pro-active in their own development. (to get rid of old dead wood....)


JM – Brought to the attention of the meeting that we need to also focus on the adults – all agreed.  Thought would be put into a men’s taster session for the end of the season.


DC – presented a magazine called Golf South – the Partnership had been asked to submit articles for this magazine.  Originally it had been thought that there was a charge for this but it turns out there is not so DC and JM to liaise and get articles off to them.

She also confirmed that a letter had gone to the Planning Committee on behalf of the CGP supporting The Kendleshire’s application for a driving range and also a letter had been sent from Club Services.


JW – A meeting was to be held in September with Kevin Taylor at Eastwood Park Prison for golf inclusion.

A new contract had been drawn up and signed for DC which includes a 4-day working week.


Date of Next Meeting:

Tuesday 6th October – Cotswold Hills Golf Club – 7PM



Gloucestershire County Golf Partnership Meeting

Tuesday 6th October 2009 – Brickhampton Court – 7pm


Present:                                                                         Apologies:

Mark Powell (MP)                                                         Jamie Woodford (JW)

Debbie Casling (DC)                                                   Guest: Malcolm Lewis (ML)

Ian Watkins (IW)

Jen May (JM)

Linda Carruthers (LC)

James Latham (JL)

Justyn Branton (JB)

Steve Scott-Bowen (SSB)


Minutes of the Meeting held: Monday 3rd August having been previously circulated were

agreed and signed by MP


Matters Arising: none


Regional Development Officer – Jamie Woodford:  In his absence a report was read by DC

GOLFMARK FUNDING:  It is possible that future Club Coaching Grants would only be available to Golfmark clubs as from January 2010.  Our remit on this at present is to advise that this maybe the future and that funding would be £1,000 per accredited club.  Will advise when confirmation notified.

EGU LIAISON MEETINGS:  The meeting for Gloucestershire is on Wednesday 4th November at Minchinhampton New starting at 5.15pm – All information has been sent to clubs direct. 

DEVELOPMENT PLAN:  JW & DC have been working together on this and are meeting later in the week.  Job Descriptions were circulated to relevant people on the Committee for approval.  MP was asked to submit an up to date Club & Coach Budget.


County Development Officer – Debbie Casling: 

DISABILITY SUMMER SCHOOL:  During August we were asked to deliver Tri-Golf and Golf Extreme to a no-limits summer school. For this Richard Harber of Tewkesbury Park was our lead Professional with myself and Lorna as his volunteer’s.  We were able to deliver on two afternoons 7th and 14th.  Payment for our Professional was made by Active Glos.

CITY DAY:  Our second City Day was held on Sunday 16th August at Cheltenham Race Course. We were fortunate to have an inflatable Golf Net which enabled us to deliver Golf Extreme as well as Tri-Golf.  We also had music courtesy of SSB so somewhat of a carnival atmosphere.  Thanks go to SSB, partner Natalie for handing out all for free vouchers, Gary Ward, Olive French and Lorna for coming along to help.  Our last one for this year takes place on Saturday 17th October at a Race Day – we also have an inflatable for this day.

SEN YOUTH GAMES:  We were asked if we could support the Youth Games the first time for Golf and successfully delivered Tri-Golf and Golf Extreme to approx. 200 children with disabilities.  Our thanks go to Andrew Etherington (The Bristol), Lee Wood (Gloucester), Lorna Sparkes, Alan Beard, Jamie Casling for all their efforts on the day – it was V busy!

THORNBURY FESTIVAL OF SPORT:  Thornbury Community Assoc approached us to ask if we would support their morning of activities with Tri-Golf – approx. 50 children and their parents where involved and thanks go to SSB, Justyn, Gary and David for all their help.

NOTE: For all of these days Clubs and Professionals where contacted to supply their coaching information but nothing came back!


VOLUNTEER PGA ASQ LEVEL 1’S:  I have been approached by SSB representing GF to see if we can put Kelvin McIntosh through his PGA ASQ Level 1 to help with the launch of Warmley Pitch & Putt as an Inclusion Programme. 

Lydney Golf Club have also approached me – they have a new junior organizer who is looking to get their junior section up off the ground – two of their Intermediate (past juniors) would like to get involved and help with this project and would like to do their ASQ Level 1

Alan Beard PDM of Gloucester and Tewkesbury is very active and has helped us on a number of occasions would also like to do the course.

All applications approved by Committee.

GOLFMARK UPDATE:  Latest to be accredited: Cotswold Edge and Thornbury

BUDGET FOR DISABILITY GOLF/INCLUSION:  I am very conscious of the fact we are delivering more and more of this – which is good but I do not want this to escalate out of control.  JW has just told me that we have been allocated an extra £1,000 for our projects which we need to apply for (in hand).  I have also put out feelers for funding from Active Glos as they got us into this.  Other projects included in this section would be Warmley, Sandford School (although I have put them in the direction of Sport England Small Grants) and Gloucester and the Forest Referral Unit who want to set up a short course GCSE for their students although this does really involve any costs from the Partnership.

GENERAL:  I recently attended the National Skills Final at Woodhall Spa, an awesome event.  I would like to see more clubs in Gloucestershire involve themselves in this coaching tool especially as the resources are free.  Even the Regional Pilot was dominated by Somerset and Devon! Suggestion to the Committee that we hold a County Final – say after Challenge 3 we could invite the top person in each category from each club to attend a small County Final we could promote this at the Professional Seminar and also JO Seminar.  Following discussion it was suggested we look at the County Challenge and go along this route.


Our golf equipment has not been idle – Tri-Golf equipment has been lent to Painswick, Tewkesbury Park and shortly to Knowle.  I attended the Ladies County Meeting on Monday and took the display board and leaflets – I took the opportunity to promote our equipment and prompted thought amongst those present.


Women’s Update – Jen May:

WOMEN’S GOLF:  Our Autumn Beginners’ Away Day will be held on Friday October 16th at Ullenwood. We have 49 ladies entered and will have a morning and afternoon competition, with lunch at Cotswold Hills GC for all.  I have helpers from several golf clubs.  The cost has remained the same – i.e. £10 per player which includes green fee and a light lunch.     The event should be self financing.


Website Update – Jen May:

Updating in progress.


Club & Coach and Coach Development Progress – Mark Powell:

CLUB AND COACH:  1st Academy sessions this weekend at The Kendleshire and Hambrook followed by Sherdons next week.  Thanks to Chris Wood and Hannah Barwood for agreeing to be part of the advertising.  Coaches and PGA L1assistants set up for the challenge - thanks to all who have volunteered.
 Big thanks to Jen May for the web site and obtaining publicity for us.
 A huge thanks to Debbie for helping with distribution of the posters and collation of all the applications.
 Once we see what we get over the next few weeks we will then plan the full academy sessions.
 COACH DEVELOPMENT:  Two events so far - Equity in Coaching and Coaching Toolkit have been run for PGA professionals within Gloucestershire  Next event will be the Gloucestershire PGA Seminar on November 25th, after which we will plan further sessions.

Treasurer’s Report – Ian Watkins:

The accounts having previously been circulated were agreed.

It was agreed in accordance with the Gloucestershire Golf Partnership (CGP) constitution that Sharon Heeley be removed as a signatory from CGP account number 04697194 held at Lloyds TSB Bank PLC (30-91-87). We hereby certify that this resolution is in accordance with the constitution of the CGP. A letter confirming this resolution, signed by two trustees, the Treasurer (Ian Watkins) and the County Development Officer (Deborah Casling) has been delivered to Lloyds TSB Bank PLC (Winchcombe Branch) by hand.

GGU LEVIES:  A proposal is being made at the next Council Meeting for the Partnership share of the levies to be raised 10p taking the total to a ring fence of 80p.


Golf Foundation Report – Steve Scott-Bowen:

School Sports Partnerships in Gloucestershire.

Cotswold’s SSP – I am currently in discussions with the PDM to formulate a comprehensive development plan to roll out next year in both primary & Secondary schools linking in to Chipping Camden, Broadway, Naunton Downs, South Cerney, Cirencester and Minch (old or New)

Gloucestershire & South Tewksbury SSP – Alan Beard PDM and I are planning a £1000 - £2000 discretionary grant to continue to bolster the great work that this partnership already do.

North Tewksbury & Cheltenham SSP – I am in discussions with PDM to deliver a discretionary £1000 grant, more to follow.

The Grange SSP – Currently ready to roll out a PESSYP supported by the SSP of approx £3000 to deliver both boys & girls projects.

Yate International Academy SSP – Just submitted a £3000 Golf Roots grant aiming at low self esteem, deprived and hard to reach areas/children. With a view to roll out in March 2010.

Golf Roots Rebrand

The Golf Foundation is re-branding our initiatives under the banner of Golf Roots from January 2010.  This is a strategic move and we will have two main branches i.e. golf roots City and golf roots Community.  Community links golf facilities will be branded as Golf Roots academies and the Golf Foundation Regional Development officer will be working much closer with the County golf partnership. I will deliver a formal presentation to the CGP in due course.

I am in position of grants to fund a Golf Community coach in School Sports partnerships and will be pursuing this in the coming months.


PGA Report – Justyn Branton:

In terms of Level 3 all I would say is that we are currently putting a plan together to deliver the required tutor and assessor training that will hopefully enable us to roll out the delivery of Level 3 late in 2010.  We are piloting the Level 3 delivery with a group of coaches in Wales from October onwards to identify the ongoing resource required (e.g. administration support, paperwork etc.).  This pilot will confirm our resource requirements going forward.

Regarding Level 4 the pilot phase is ongoing, but we are now entering the next, exciting phase of development.  We are working very closely with the University of Birmingham to develop a post graduate level qualification for Level 4, taking all that we have learned from the pilot so far to ensure that the end qualification is relevant and of the highest quality.  In line with other areas of the PGA (e.g. life long learning) we are aiming to shift the culture within golf coaching in general to focus on the benefits of long-term personal development, with the qualifications becoming of less importance as coaches see the value in continuing their development in order to strive to become better, more effective coaches.


Men’s Representative/Chairman:  Malcolm Lewis had been approached - unfortunately he was unable to attend the meeting.

Men’s Taster Days: after discussion it was agreed to try mixed taster days as well as the Ladies tasters.  JM to put posters together.

LC put forward an idea of Cotswold Olympics in 2012 at her local school and after discussion agreed that she approach her school committee to put the CGP forward to help.

DC – applications are being invited to nominate Golfmark Club of The Year – applications to be sent to all Golfmark Clubs to return to the CGP by end of October for consideration.


Date of Next Meeting:   Wednesday 9th December 2009 – 7pm – Brickhampton Court Golf Club

Date of CGP AGM:  Tuesday 19th January 2010 – 7pm – venue: to be confirmed.


Gloucestershire County Golf Partnership Meeting

Wednesday 9th December – Brickhampton Court Golf Club – 7pm


Present:                                                                                            Apologies:

Mark Powell (MP)                                                                           Jamie Woodford (JW)

Ian Watkins (IW)                                                                             James Latham (JL)

Jen May (JM)                                                                                   Linda Carruthers (LC)

Debbie Casling (DC)                                                                        Richard King (RK)

Steve Scott- Bowen (SSB)

Justyn Branton (JB)                                                                         Guest:

Ed Goodwin (EG)                                                                             Malcolm Lewis


Before the meeting commenced MP welcomed Ed Goodwin and Malcolm Lewis.


Minutes of the Meeting held:Tuesday 6th October having been previously circulated were agreed and signed by MP.


Matters Arising: none


In the absence of JW, MP continued the meeting with the following:

Adoption of Equity Policy:  The Statement was read to the meeting and all agreed that this should be adopted by the Partnership.   IW Proposed and JM Seconded.  MP signed the document and handed over to DC for forwarding to EGU.

Volunteer Policy:  This document would need further discussion.  It was agreed DC to circulate to Partnership for comments and to bring to the next meeting.

EWGA Women & Girls Grant 2010:  Gloucestershire has been allocated £1240.00 of which 25% is to be allocated to Women.  It is also expected that only Golfmark Clubs are used.

DC and JM to set up a meeting with Marion Jackson to put together an action plan for this grant.


DC added the following information received from JW: 

Club Coaching Grant:

From 2010 to 2013 the Club Coaching Grant will be fixed at £600 per Golfmarked Club.  This will be available in 2 stages – 50% on application, the remainder on completion and will be signed off by CDO’s

Club & Coach:

It will be a requirement from the 2nd year on of this project that only Golfmark Clubs will be used.

Active People Survey 3:

This will be available soon to view on SE Website.

Volunteer of the Year:

Applications are being invited for this and information has been sent to clubs/jo’s


County Development Officer – Debbie Casling:

Generation Games 2010:  We have been asked to support this event on 20th June at Stratford Park, Nr Bristol with Tri-Golf – Peter Dangerfield has been approached as Lead Pro and is delighted to be involved.

Para Golf 2010:  Bettridge and Belmont Schools in Cheltenham have approached me to do a programme of golf with them in 2010 and we are in the process of securing dates etc.

After having unfortunately had to cancel last weeks’ meeting I have a new meeting set up for early January with the sports disabilities co-ordinators in the south of glos to put together a programme for them.

Golfmark:  Pleased to say that clubs are warming to the idea of Golfmark and have had enquiries from Long Ashton and Chipping Sodbury have dedicated someone to organize them.

Lydney:  An extra-ordinary meeting has been called at Lydney with their owners tomorrow to decide their fate.


Equipment:  As well as the equipment The Partnership purchased at the beginning of the year and that which has been purchased by Pied Piper – I have just taken delivery of 4 sets of Ladies, 4 sets of Mens, 3 sets of Junior, 2 Tri-Golf and 1 Golf Extreme set and 8 junior stand bags.  This equipment will need to be promoted and possibly displayed at our taster sessions for use.

I had a call yesterday from Pied Piper to confirm that there is a cheque in the post for us for the net.


Women’s Update – Jen May:

The Beginner Ladies’ Autumn Away Day was held on October 16th at Ullenwood Golf Course, with lunch at Cotswold Hills Golf Club – thanks to both clubs for their willing support of this, now regular, event. The format was unchanged: Bowmaker in teams of three with an experienced player walking with each team. 42 ladies played with the usual mixture of trepidation and hilarity! And all were, as am I, extremely grateful to the small army of volunteers who helped with the day.


The ladies pay £10 each for this event, which includes green fee, lunch and prizes. Once again it was self-financing and we ended up very slightly in credit.


At lunch I asked the players if they would be interested in a Rules & Etiquette Roadshow.  I expected half a dozen hands to go up at best – but in fact it was virtually 100% ‘yes please’!! So dates have been arranged in the south, middle and north of the county with Sue Rawles as our star performer – no-one can make rules and etiquette as much fun as Sue, who has just retired as the County Ladies handicap adviser and has long been refereeing at a high level.


Ladies from all clubs, particularly their beginners, have also been invited. The dates are January 10th, 11 am, at Thornbury, Jan 17th at Minchinhampton Old Course at 10.30 and January 31st at Brickhampton at 11 am.


Plans for 2010 taster sessions are underway and are due to take place in March – I am just waiting confirmation of date and venue for the northern series. Mixed sessions will also be held in both the north and the south, again in March, but, again, I am waiting for some confirmation.

Website Update – Jen May:


A little bit of minor updating required …. But all running smoothly I think.


Junior Academy and Coach Development Update:

MP reported in the absence of PL that the Academy had successfully held its’ taster sessions and the Academy was full for the Winter Programme with 56 taking up the opportunity.  Two young lads had been approached to enter into the County Coaching programme and as well as a whole girl’s squad with Sarah Claridge there were also 2 mixed academies.  It is proposed that the programme will be run again in April inviting those who did not make the winter one.


MP/DC had received an e-mail from David Owen who was keen to set up Non-handicapped events for under 12’s as an added extra for those not on Academy/Coaching Programmes and to start encouraging these players to play new courses and events.  It will also mirror the GGG Programme but not compete with.


JB put forward to Coach Development Action Plan which would need to be completed by end of March.  MP, JB, JS & PL to action.  He would also be e-mailing out a new Questionnaire that would be sent to Professionals.

The next Professional Seminar was being organized for Thursday 4th February with Bob Wood whose specialty is:  Enabling coaches to deliver strength, conditioning and warm exercises which are golf specific.

Venue to be advised.


Results of recent Professional Seminar held Wednesday 25th November:

It was felt a good response and thanks to Nicky Lumb and Justyn Branton for contacting all the Gloucestershire professionals.  There were some new faces to those who had attended at the beginning of the year.

The Partnership are looking for a Representative from the North and South of the County to sit on the Steering Group and report back to their areas.  Ed Goodwin volunteered to be the North Contact and Tom Gillespie would be asked for the South contact.

In addition to this the Partnership would like to see at least 1 professional responsible to 8 clubs in 5 regions of the County in order that communications can be sent out via them.  Advise would be taken from Nicky Lumb.  MP to e-mail DC his region split used for his County activities.


Treasurer’s Report – Ian Watkins:

Accounts had been previously circulated and no queries found – GGU Levies would be entered on the last day of the year and the accounts would go to audit in January.


Golf Roots Presentation – Steve Scott-Bowen:

SSB then gave an informative presentation of the new Golf Roots Programme from now until 2013 and new funding arrangements for Community Coaches, City Projects etc.

DC and SSB to put together an Action Plan by end of March 2010.


PGA Report: No report given


Any Other Business:

ML-  asked for copies of the Initiatives and Development Plan – DC to action.

SSB-  suggested a generic programme to go to SSP’s mirroring the County Academy Programme using the skills tests with the best players gaining entry to the Academy.

JM- reminded the meeting that there was still an urgent need to find a Men’s Representative.

MP- Informed the meeting that there were several training opportunities being made available for Chairman and CDO’s by the EGU and that because of his new work commitments he was unable to attend.  If anyone else was interested in training please contact DC for information.

DC- JW is putting together a South West SPC Roadshow and will be in Gloucestershire in April – date and venue to be advised.


Date of next meeting: AGM will be held on Tuesday 19th January 2010 – 7pm at Brickhampton Court.



Gloucestershire County Golf Partnership AGM

Tuesday 19th January 2010 – Sherdons Golf Centre – 7pm


Present:                                                                                  Apologies:

Mark Powell (MP)                                                                  Jamie Woodford (JW)

Justyn Branton (JB)                                                                Jennifer May (JM)

James Latham (JL)                                                                  Linda Carruthers (LC)

Ed Godwin (EG)                                                                      Steve Scott-Bowen (SSB)

Peter Langford (PL)                                                                Sarah Claridge (SC)

Richard King (RK)

Ian Watkins (IW)                                                                     Guests:

Debbie Casling (DC)                                                                Malcolm Lewis (ML)

                                                                                                   John Parker (JP)


Before the meeting commenced MP welcomed Malcolm Lewis and John Parker to the meeting. 


Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 9th December having been previously circulated were agreed and signed by MP.


Matters Arising: EWGA Women and Girls Grant – a meeting has been arranged with Marion Jackson for Monday 26th January.  A cheque for £1800 had been received from The Pied Piper and the Inflatable Net had been purchased from Provision Golf and was been logo’d.  A letter from David Owen had been sent out to all Junior Organisers with regards to his setting up non-handicapped events for under 12’s and would be a point for discussion at the forthcoming Junior Seminar.  A re-cap on the County split and PGA split would be taken to the next meeting for discussion.  ML thanked DC for sending all information requested on The Partnership to gain an insight.


Chairman’s Annual Report – Mark Powell:

MP informed the meeting that this meeting would be recorded as an AGM meeting according to the Constitution.  He reflected on the sad loss at the beginning of the year of Don Harmer who not only left a huge hole in County golf but also in The Partnership.  MP hoped that he would be able to announce a new Chairman in the New Year.

He then went on to reflect on the work of The Partnership in 2009 including the new Development Plan to year 2013 and the monies that had been secured for that period; generous support had been received from The Pied Piper together with an extra £3K funding from Sport England towards our very successful Disability Projects in schools and  the SEN Youth Games.  The Annual Race Course Challenge and City Days that had been held at Cheltenham Race Course and our thanks to Edward Gillespie and his staff for all their support.  The County Junior Academy was a huge success with positive feedback being received and thanks go to Peter Langford and Jonathan Skuse and all the Coaches.  The Coach Development Initiative was doing well with 2 seminars being held together with Equity in Coaching Workshop and Sarah Claridge’s Coaching Toolkit Workshop and further events being planned.  The Ladies Tasters and Beginners Away Days were very successful and MP thanked JM for all her hard work and also thanked all those volunteers from clubs for their support.  The Partnership are very grateful to all the time given from our Level 1 Volunteers to help in all our activities.  We have 10 Golfmark clubs at present with 11 working towards and 1 Rangemark Accreditation going to Bristol Golf Centre (Hambrook Driving Range) the first stand-alone range in the SW to be accredited.  Continuous promotion and advertising through the website and radio awareness is thanks to JM and all her hard work.  At a recent meeting at EGU Stuart Armstrong was heard to comment that although Surrey has the largest investment in money Gloucestershire in size comparison had the largest investment.  MP concluded his report by thanking everyone for the continued support.


Regional Development Officer – Jamie Woodford:

In his absence DC reported that our Review would be due in March of this year and that a new Inclusion and Diversity Officer has been appointed: Joel Blake contact: joel@englishwomensgolf.org and would be available for all things Equity and Disability.


County Development Officer – Debbie Casling:

DC continued from MP’s report reflecting on events during 2009 with the support The Partnership had given to the Tewkesbury Sports Partnership Primary Schools Tri-Golf Festival and Secondary Schools Golf Festival held at Sherdons, support given to Thornbury Festival of Sport and the Pied Pipers Teddy Bear’s Picnic. 

On the Development Plan criteria The Partnership had adopted their Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy and also the EGU Equity Policy.

For 2010 events being planned are two City Days to be held in the South of the County; further support to Active Gloucestershire in their Disability Schemes; to set up 2 Para projects in the North and 2 in the South with the possibility of 2 Disability Golf Festivals; supporting the Generation Games at Stratford Park in June, Festival of Sporting Ability at Coombe Dingle, Tewkesbury Sports Partnership at their Tri-Golf Festivals and Secondary Schools Festivals, 2-day golf festival at Ashton Court, Bristol at the end of September.  To continue with the Ladies taster sessions and include Mixed Sessions in the North and South of the County followed up with Beginner Ladies Away Days.  A Rules and Etiquette Roadshow for Ladies and Girls through the County.  Continued support to our Level 1 Volunteers with the adoption of a Volunteer Strategy.  Continuing the progress of our Junior Coaching Academy and Coach Development programmes.


Women’s Update – Jennifer May: (report given by MP in her absence)

We began 2009 with Ladies’ taster sessions, held at Sherdon’s and Thornbury. They proved so popular that we had to double the number of sessions at both venues.  Indeed they were such a success that nearly 40 of the ladies opted for further group lessons, for which they paid. I think that is more than 80% of those who attended the tasters ….. which says a great deal for professionals James Latham and Mike Smedley. We are all very grateful to Sherdon’s and Thornbury for their support for these tasters


Several of our beginners then started playing par 3 courses around the county and we are always working at putting them in touch with clubs which are looking for members. I have asked the ladies’ county delegates, if they are looking to increase their membership, to think about  how they can help encourage these newcomers and what schemes their clubs might have to be ‘financially flexible’!


We then held two Beginners’ Away Days, in Spring and Autumn.  For the Spring event we had more than 60 entries and for Autumn more than 40. The format was a Texas Scramble held at Ullenwood Golf Club, with lunch at Cotswold Hills next door.  My thanks to both clubs for their immediate and willing  support for these events. We expect to repeat these Away Days in 2010.


At the Away Days we asked what interest there would be in a sort of  Rules & Etiquette Roadshow, and received a very positive response. So these were arranged to be given by Sue Rawles, from the County Ladies’ Association and EWGA.  Sue, amongst other things, refereed at last year’s Open and has the rare ability to make her subject great fun as well as instructive.  The events were planned for January 10th at Thornbury, January 17th at Minchinhampton Old Course and January 31st at Brickhampton.  The Thornbury event was postponed until next Sunday, the 24th, due to the snow.  So last Sunday, the 17th, was our first, at Minchinhampton. More than forty ladies turned up and it developed into a very jolly, but still very informative, affair.   We made these events open to all ladies, club members or otherwise, newcomers or experienced, adults or juniors, and have been delighted with the response.


More ladies’ tasters are planned for March ….. what a good thing we didn’t hold them in January!!  These again will be given by Mike Smedley at Thornbury and James Latham who, this year, will be giving his series at Brickhampton Court GC. Posters are completed and publicity, both press and radio, will start before the end of this month.


This year we are also holding mixed tasters at Hambrook in the south with one of Nicky Lumb’s professionals, and at Brickhampton Court in the north, where Dave Finch from Cleeve will be in charge. Like the Ladies’ tasters these are planned for March and, again, publicity will get underway before the end of January.


Website Update – Jennifer May:


All seems to be fine ….. that is to say I have not been inundated with complaints!


I know that it is perhaps not the most exciting website.  I am not sure that it needs to be: we are giving information and maybe an ‘all singing all dancing’ website would not improve that.


However if this committee feels that it should be more exciting someone else will need to organise that.  I am competent enough to maintain the website, but certainly not with the expertise needed to redesign it.



Junior Academy Update - Peter Langford:

Our 3rd session would be held this weekend.  Feedback had been received from the Taster Sessions and more advertising would be required.  Suggestion: Junior organizers Seminar in February.  The Winter programme has been a success with 56 on the programme; some of these would be asked to stay on the Programme and all others will be given the opportunity to try again for the Summer Programme at the next taster sessions.  A meeting is to take place with all the Academy Coaches and Volunteers to discuss the way forward on Tuesday 13th April.  A change over in Coaches would also take place for the next winter programme(Sept/Oct 2010).

JP gave his feedback and suggested the need to be mindful of the Coaching Pack to the age of the students and the language used.  Structure good and it is also very good to get the parents involved.

JB added that SC and JB were in the process of re-writing the skills test to widen skill spectrum.


Coach Development Update – Peter Langford:

Two workshops had taken place so far (Equity in Your Coaching and Coaching Toolkit).  Bob Wood (Coaching Young Golf Athlete) Workshop would  take place on Friday 5th February and Stuart Armstrong (LTAD) on the 1st April.  Further workshops were being put together for the first Thursday every 2 months.  Feedback forms would be available at each workshop and CPD points available.  A whole year calendar was being put together to go onto the Website with links to other courses such as I.T., Bookkeeping etc.


Treasurer's Report – Ian Watkins:

IW presented the accounts to the meeting.  All the Junior Academy funds were included and up to date.  The GGU levies had been entered on the last day of the year and IW made the meeting aware that we were the only County to have support from the GGU and Ladies Association through their levies.


Golf Foundation Report – Steve Scott-Bowen:

No Report given.  DC reported that a meeting has been set for February to go through Action Plans.


PGA Report – Justyn Branton:

The Level 2 Coaching Programme was being re-arranged because of the fail rate and the fact that coaches were not completing at least 25 hours coaching between their L1 and L2.  It would now be at The Belfry with Pete Matson presenting.


Richard Chatham, Sherdons Golf Centre joined the meeting.


Any Other Business:

DC - asked if anyone would be available to go to The EGU Conference in February as she would not be available.  If no-one was available JM had volunteered.  MP said that he would sort.

DC - had received a request from Gary Ward The Kendleshire for consideration given to a new member of their Junior Committee Jane Bridgeman to be given L1 training.  DC had spoken to Jane to explain the Partnership support and expectations from her and she would be more than willing to help us.  Committee agreed to send her on a course and DC would inform.

DC – Informed the meeting that there was possible funding available from the BBC/Children in Need but would need to be planned according to the deadline dates. 

DC – advised the meeting the 2010 Resource CD was being produced ready for the Junior Seminar and that a Volunteer Information Booklet was being printed.

RK – informed the meeting that if there was anything he and Hartpury could do to let them know.  They were trying to get more involved with schools.

JL – commented that it was good to hear positive feedback from the Junior Academy Programme.

JP – informed the meeting that there was a free Sports Therapy Clinic at Oxstalls for all sporting injuries.

MP – Reminded all of the Junior Seminar being held at Minchinhampton New on Friday 5th February 7pm

IW – Thanked Richard Chatham on behalf of the meeting the use of his Boardroom.


Date of Next Meeting:   Tuesday 9th March – 7pm – Hambrook Driving Range, Bristol.


Gloucestershire County Golf Partnership Meeting

Tuesday 9th March – Hambrook Driving Range – 7pm


Present:                                                                           Apologies:

Malcolm Lewis (ML)                                                       Mark Powell (MP)

Jamie Woodford (JW)                                                    Sarah Claridge (SC)

Justyn Branton (JB)                                                         Richard King (RK)

Ian Watkins (IW)                                                             Linda Carruthers (LC)

Jennifer May (JM)

Debbie Casling (DC)

Peter Langford (PL)                                                         Guest:

Steve Scott-Bowen (SSB)                                                Colin Pattinson (CP)

James Latham (JL)




Before the meeting commenced ML welcomed everyone including Colin Pattinson who had come along to find out more about the Partnership with a view to helping in the future.

CP then introduced himself to the Committee.

ML  then introduced himself to the Committee as it was his first meeting as Chairman.

Minutes of the AGM held: Tuesday 19th January 2010 having been previously circulated were agreed and signed by ML.

Matters Arising:  Junior Academy Feedback Meeting has been arranged for 13th April at The Bristol GC 7pm and the Secretary had got ahead of herself recorded that the Treasurer had presented Audited Accounts.

Regional Development Officer – Jamie Woodford:  Report on the Bi-Annual Review process.  There would be 2 reviews per year April and October.  The new reviews would be a lot more rigorous.  The first one would looks at content of the Development Plan and its targets and the October one will be based on results of the Development Plan and Implementation.  An afternoon is scheduled to take place on 23rd March between JW and DC to hard copy the review with a prior meeting between DC and MP taking place to draft.

The deadline for the April review is 4th April and the October review is 30th October.

Resulting from the recent EGU Conference a universal website template is being offered to all Partnerships free of charge.  Partnerships would keep their own address and can run along existing website whilst the new is being developed.  JW to e-mail information and visuals out for viewing and comments.

PGA Report – Justyn Branton:  Reported on how the PGA were moving forward and were looking at Professional standards and what we would be looking for in a Professional under the banner ‘Right Coach, Right Place, Right time’.  Effectively as an employer/deployer of Pro’s the PGA would like CGP’s to start thinking about what they want as minimum standards from the pro’s they are deploying.  They would be asking CGP’s to look at guidelines for Professionals and them requiring the basic SPC and Equity Workshop Information and also looking at future courses for coaches to improve their knowledge.

Level 1 courses are being successful but the Level 2 courses have a very high failure rate therefore the PGA are being more selective on who enters the courses, so the right people can go on the course.

County Development Officer – Debbie Casling:  The Inflatable Golf Net is now ready for action and looks pretty impressive – its first outing will be at a Disability Extravaganza on Saturday 20th March – lead Professional will be Matt Evans (linked with Dave Finch) and is being paid for by Cheltenham SSP.

The Pied Piper have asked if we could display their collection tins at any events we go to with their equipment.

Disability Coaching commences on Monday 19th April with sessions at Belmont, Bettridge Schools in the North and Culverhill and Brimsham Green in the South.  All Professionals (7 in total) have been organized and request to Level 1’s gone out today.  There is an extra session at Belmont this year which I have asked for them to pay for Professional Services.

We are hoping that this year all the Disability Schools will move forward to local clubs at the end of their sessions for on course experience.

I am exploring the possibility of SEN Festivals in North and South.

National Skills Challenge – it was disappointing last year that Gloucestershire was not represented in the Regional Finals especially as they were held in Gloucestershire! – I would like to hold a County Finals for top players from Gloucestershire Clubs taking part either at The Kendleshire or Minchinhampton New around the end of July/beginning of August.

I have been asked along with Peter Langford if we could take over the running of the Avon Schools Championships as from 2011 from Ron Cockitt who has been involved for the last 30 years and would like to retire and leave it in capable hands.  Peter and I have both agreed.

Non-Handicaps Competition Initiative: Following a comment made by David Owen at the recent Junior Seminar with regards to helpers not requiring CRB checks and a shudder through the audience it has prompted a letter from The Partnership to David Owen to the effect that if he wants to have the support of The Partnership then he must conduct this initiative to our standards.  DC being a member of this Committee attended a recent meeting where the letter was discussed at length with the result that DO would be writing to MP to clarify one or two points. The Partnership await this letter. 

Women’s update – Jennifer May:   Our Rules & Etiquette Roadshow, given by Sue Rawles, travelled the length of Gloucestershire last month, giving the county’s women golfers of all ages and standards a fresh approach to that frustrating subject.

Each venue, Minchinhampton Old Course, Thornbury Golf Centre and Brickhampton Court GC, attracted approximately 40 ladies who couldn’t believe that the rules of golf could be such fun!  My thanks to all three clubs for hosting these events and, of course, to Sue who really is quite a star.

Usually those attending would be asked to donate a small amount for the County’s Juniors.  But this time, with news of the earthquake in Haiti foremost in our minds, such donations went to help Haitian children. £200 has been sent to www.soschildrensvillages.org.uk , the world’s largest orphan charity.

Our taster sessions for this year began this weekend – it was sunny but bitterly cold!  The take-up was not as good as last year largely, I think, due to the earlier weather. I certainly didn’t want to think about golf a few weeks ago, so I can hardly blame complete newcomers for not having golf high on their agenda. However at the last minute, with a bit of sunshine around, a few more entered. We ended up with 9 for the northern ‘ladies only’ sessions and 8 for the south.

The mixed tasters were, as you know, always regarded as an experiment and we have 6 entries for the south and 7 for the north – but of these only 5 are men.

However all sessions were highly successful, much enjoyed …. And already I have had several emails indicating that they have been useful as well as fun.

Our pros, James, Mike, Dave and Guiseppi, have been terrific as always – and I am grateful to the three venues, Thornbury, Brickhampton and Hambrook, for their support.

The next Beginner Ladies Away Day at Ullenwood is scheduled for: Friday 16th April

Website update – Jennifer May:  I think it is all OK – but it is up to you to let me know if it isn’t!

Junior Academy Update – Peter Langford:  Coming to the end of the Winter Programme where we had 56 juniors divided into 7 groups – used our experienced coaches to deliver and encourage participants to liaise with home Professionals.  At the end of the Summer Programme we will drop 2 coaches to share round the experience.  Although we had 120 juniors apply for the first sessions there is still a little resistance from the club professional to recommend their juniors.  Hopefully with more promotion we will get some more.  JM asked PL to ask the Academy Professionals for their feedback so she could put onto the website.  DC is communicating with the printers for the new Summer Poster.  Jonathan Skuse has re-vamped the application form which is ready to go.  After discussion it was felt that better communication was required between the Academy as a whole and the club professional.

A message had been sent from MP to ‘thank Pete and Jonathan for their excellent leadership in setting up and running something very special, that I know will give us huge benefits going forward’.

Coach Development Update – Peter Langford:  Following a professional questionnaire the Partnership was now arranging regular bi-monthly breakfast meetings combining Professional networking and Guest speakers.    The next seminar takes place on 1st April which is LTAD given by Stuart Armstrong followed by 3rd June School/Club Links Workshop given by Steve Scott-Bowen.

Treasurer’s Report – Ian Watkins:  IW presented the Audited Accounts together with an updated Income & Expenditure Accounts.

Golf Roots update – Steve Scott-Bowen:  Reported 5 SSP’s (North) and 2 SSP’s (South) – discretionary grant of £1,000 being made to Tewkesbury and Gloucester SSP for a women and girls initiative.  Working with Steve Price in the Forest SSP to get more projects up and running linking in with Lydney, Forest Hills and Richard Ballard Driving Range. Deb’s to contact New Pro Stuart Archibald at Forest Hills and Richard Ballard as I have informed them that I will work with them if they have Golfmark..Both wish to obtain Golfmark and Rangemark ASAP, in order for me to instigate a PESSYP with them to grow their Junior academies.  Janet Griffin of Cheltenham & Tewkesbury SSP was a new contact, and her partnership are keen to start more golf.  Ian Shepherd Stroud SSP would be a possible PESSYP.  £2,000 grant had been made to The Grange and Yate Academies for projects which they have match funded, and created a Golf community coach in both SSP’s in South Gloucestershire feeding children to link facilities – Thornbury GC, Kendleshire GC, Hambrook DR, Lansdown & Warmley P+P.  Golf Roots City Project would be in the centre of Bristol for this year.  Projects working well with Leisure Centres in the South – just need to think about the North.  SSB would be delivering School/Club Links Workshop on 3rd June – Venue TBA PL to sort and advise DC for publication.

Any Other Business:

DC - Race Course Challenge – Thursday 20th May – IW to send out posters to clubs – DC to organize a meeting with herself, IW and Edward Gillespie after the Gold Cup Meeting.

IW to approach Peter McEvoy and Stuart Little to start the competition.

DC to contact Paul Hemming SFG

Date of Next Meeting:   Tuesday 11th May – 7pm – The Bristol Golf Club




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